In this page I've listed all the series of posts (i.e. various posts on the same topic) I've done so far. Enjoy!

3 Ways To Open A Lock

Don't be misled by the title: this is a series about password security in Computer Science.

Horror Code

This set includes various kind of examples of what I consider bad programming or subtle errors that are on production. The code examples I use have been written by various developers I've worked with (and possibly also by me).

How C Compilers Work

The title tells pretty much all. I've written this posts with a newbie C developer in mind, trying to give him/her a not to deep but yet accurate view about what happens after pressing the build button.

Reliability First

This is probably the series where the posts are less interconnected to each others. Nevertheless the leitmotif is clear: reliability is really important to achieve great results and to avoid disappointing users.