[Solved] Broken Packages In Ubuntu

One of the worst things about working for a big company distributed world-wide is that you don't have a direct contact with the leaders of the IT department. So, if they decide to put in place a proxy, it's not easy to tell them not to cache Ubuntu p… (read more)

Never Break Backward Compatibility (Again)

Here we are again. It seems that every time I upgrade Xubuntu I cannot compile old Linux kernels anymore. Last time, it was GNU Make that broke the build. This time it is Perl turn. This is the error I got: Can't use 'defined(@array)' (Maybe you shou… (read more)

Never Break Backward Compatibility

Some weeks ago I asked both on Twitter and Google+ about a problem I had. For some reason I was not able to compile an old Linux kernel version (2.6.27) with the version of GNU make included in the last two releases of Ubuntu (14.10 and 15.04). I did… (read more)

Versions Madness

Last week, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, published this post on Google+. So, I made noises some time ago about how I don't want another 2.6.39 where the numbers are big enough that you can't really distinguish them. We're slowly gettin… (read more)

The Long Way To Dual Boot

During the Christmas holidays I've bought a new HP laptop with Windows 8.1 preinstalled. I'm not a fan of Microsoft operating systems but my wife is not addicted to Linux like me, so I have to manage the dual boot. First Boot With Windows 8.1 After t… (read more)

The Day That Killed Groupon Reputation

This Thursday I was looking at the social networks in a moment of rest, when the hashtag #defendGNOME gained my attention. For the ones that are not Linux addicted, GNOME is a famous desktop environment that had several forks (XFCE, Mate, etc.) and i… (read more)

[Linux] How to Define a Path for Shared Objects

In Linux, the predefined paths for shared objects (.so) are /lib/ and /usr/lib/. During normal usage this is OK but sometimes it's necessary to specify other additional paths. There are several way to do this task. Environment Variable The most commo… (read more)