Disciplined Programmers

Compared to C++, Python object oriented support lacks of the modifiers private and protected. Even if you can prefix an internal member with a double underscore, this is merely cosmetic. Nothing prevents accessing these variables from outside. The re… (read more)

The 3 Best Things That Happened To Me As A Programmer

I started to develop professional software more than twenty years ago, during the summertime vacations. I used to work in this small software house where there were really experienced programmers. My only concern at the time was to be productive. So,… (read more)

Binary Files And VCS

I've already written about why you should not add binary files to your code repository but, there are some cases where it seems you cannot do otherwise. Deliverables The main exception to the general rule is for images and other files that are part o… (read more)

Choices And Questions

This is something we rarely think about, but, as programmers, every day we have to make several choices. Every step of our job involves a (conscious) choice. Which programming language, which technology or which framework are probably the most easy t… (read more)

What To Log

Ideally a log file should contain the exact amount of information you need to understand whether the system/application is running correctly or to find the causes of a bad functioning. Unfortunately, often we end up with less data than we need. There… (read more)

About Creativity: Tolkien Vs Tolstoy

They are great writers. They are known worldwide. They are the authors of two of my favorite books: Lord of the Rings and War and Peace. Those books have many things in common: they have, more or less, the same length they describe several different… (read more)

FBI Vs Apple: The End?

Eventually the F.B.I. dropped its request to force Apple to create a special version of iOS to unlock the San Bernardino killer's iPhone. Since the beginning, every security researcher said that this would have been useless (and dangerous), while the… (read more)