The Computer Is Mine!

This is one of the things that make me go nuts. Microsoft decided that users must download Windows 10 whether they want or not. More than 3 GB (and up to 6 GB) automatically downloaded "just in case". And the worst part is that it's not easy to block.

This is absolutely disrespectful of the user and, I suppose, also illegal. Damn, it's not so difficult to understand: I am the owner of the device and I decide what I want to download and install!

And then you are asking me why I use Linux?

As a side note, today I've discovered that Google does the same on my Android phone with the app Play Store. Where has the "don't be evil" gone?

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Luca Sommacal

Luca Sommacal

Italian developer (mainly in C for embedded platforms), Linux learner, addicted to rock music, history, science and few other things. Follow me on Twitter

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