The idea for this post came during last weekend while I was cleaning my house. In fact, this activity is made by several parts: some are funny (like using the vacuum cleaner while singing "I Want to Break Free"), some other are boring, others are awful.

Freddie cleaning his house

The development of a big project is very similar: there is the challenging part, the damn-long part and the stupid part. Here there are some advice to help you to accomplish your job in the best way.

1. Split the project in tasks and subtasks - this is obviously the first thing to do; start developing headlong is something to avoid.

2. Try to see if there are constraints - it's important to understand which tasks must be made before others and define a clear path between them.

3. Start with the task you consider the worst - it may be the longest or the most boring or the most annoying or the most risky for the project, the choice is up to you, but when it will be done, the rest of the project it's all downhill.

4. Work on a single task at a time - you have a road map (defined at point 2), why do you need to get rid of it?

5. Work always on tasks related to those already accomplished - in this way, you are always sure that new pieces fits properly in the existing structure and it's easier to test your progresses.

Well, that's all folks. Let me just add another general purpose suggestion: always remember the 80/20 rule, that can be declined as "details will cost you the majority of your effort".

Post last updated on 2018/08/13