[Solved] The Strangest Bug I've Ever Seen

I've spent two hours to find it and two seconds for the fix. There was this gigantic piece of C code to create a report by putting together data from several files. The code seemed to be executed correctly (debug prints showed what should have been p… (read more)

[Solved] Broken Packages In Ubuntu

One of the worst things about working for a big company distributed world-wide is that you don't have a direct contact with the leaders of the IT department. So, if they decide to put in place a proxy, it's not easy to tell them not to cache Ubuntu p… (read more)

[Solved] Issues With Vimperator On Firefox

If you: are using Mozilla Firefox┬«, have installed the addons Status-4-Evar and Vimperator, are experiencing issues with the auto command LocationChange of the latter, this post is for you! If you don't meet previous points, well, go on read anyway :… (read more)

[Solved] OpenGL issue with Xubuntu 14.04 inside VirtualBox

On my workplace, I use Xubuntu in a virtual machine (VirtualBox) in full-screen mode without any problem, at least until last week, when I've upgraded from Saucy Salamander to Trusty Tahr. At first, everything seemed to work fine, but when I tried to… (read more)

[Solved] D-Bus Method Call Stops Working After Few Days

D-Bus diagram This is an issue that I've found some months ago. I've set up a communication system using asynchronous calls made with D-Bus. It all seemed to work fine for a couple of days but suddenly the entire mechanism stopped working with no err… (read more)