Trust No One, Especially Microsoft And Intel

As a developer, I should have full control over the programs I write. There may be a compiler between the text and the executable, but the result is exactly what I expect (excluding the bugs). Even if the compiler may change significantly the structu… (read more)

The Computer Is Mine!

This is one of the things that make me go nuts. Microsoft decided that users must download Windows 10 whether they want or not. More than 3 GB (and up to 6 GB) automatically downloaded "just in case". And the worst part is that it's not easy to block… (read more)

Why I Don't Trust Microsoft

Lately I'm seeing much hype about Edge, the new browser included in Windows 10 and, to be honest, I don't understand it. I'm old enough to have seen and used a number of MS products and many times, behind new names, I've seen the same old story. For… (read more)

Back To The Past

In three weeks the new Windows 9 (or whatever will be its name [Update: it's Windows 10]) will be unveiled. There are some rumors about its features but the most recurrent ones are related to the reintroduction of the Start button. A feature introduc… (read more)