4 Easy Tips To Work Better With Git

Maybe they are quite trivial and only come from common sense, but sometimes it's useful to repeat. By the way, these are general purpose suggestions that can be used also with other versioning systems. 1. Use Tags To Label Versions Every single relea… (read more)

How To Recover Deleted Git Commits

In many Git tutorials it's written: "never use git reset --hard". And there is a good reason: this command deletes commits, and, if you don't have pushed them to a remote repository, your changes are lost (at least, if you don't know where to find th… (read more)

Useful Git Commands: Stash

Tom knows best! How wonderful would it be to do your job without interruptions? But unfortunately we live in a complex world and intermissions are part of the game. A particular annoying disturbance is when you are in the middle of a big refactoring… (read more)

4 Things to Do Before Starting a New Project

This is the situation: the Project Manager has written the specifications, everything is clear and you only have to do the kick start to you team of developers. This point is where you can start to fail. If you let every programmer (that is lazy by d… (read more)

Useful Git Commands: Blame

How many times, looking a piece of shared code, have you thought "who the heck has written this?!?!" With other VCS all you can do is to scroll the list of changes made to that particular file and look at what is changed. But Git provides you the bla… (read more)

Git Rulez

Every project carried on by more than one person needs a Version Control System. In my opinion, it's a good idea to use a VCS for all non-trivial projects, even if you are the only developer. According to Wikipedia: [...] version control, also know… (read more)