Bored Of Your Daily Job?

You do the same things every single day. You write code to solve a problem in the same way, week after week, year after year. You have reached the point where you think the only way to escape this boring working life is to change company. If you beli… (read more)

Evolution Of Password Management - Passphrases

As we have seen in the previous post, using three authentication factors is quite safe. Unfortunately online services can't afford these technologies. Passphrases are a solution that preserves security without the need of huge investments. To put it… (read more)

Optimization Heisenbug

Have you ever seen a bug that disappears when you try to debug it? This situation has a name: heisenbug. A special type of heisenbug happened to me at least twice and recently to a colleague of mine. Different Behaviors These were the symptoms: the p… (read more)

Be Careful With Those Resources

Once, a friend of mine working for a big tech company told me: "I cannot give you the exact numbers but I usually work on a system with thousands of CPU cores and petabytes of storage space". I don't know the amount of RAM but you got the point: ther… (read more)

Trust No One, Especially Microsoft And Intel

As a developer, I should have full control over the programs I write. There may be a compiler between the text and the executable, but the result is exactly what I expect (excluding the bugs). Even if the compiler may change significantly the structu… (read more)

Do You Feel Guilty For Using Ad Blockers? You Shouldn't

They compare you to a pirate. They say you are a thief. That you are making the whole internet collapse. The fact that they have transformed their webpages into advertising collections filled with click-baiting titles seems not to be a problem for th… (read more)

Natural Born Yes Men

Fortunately I had to deal only with few of them (until now) but, it's always been an painful experience. Especially for a natural born No Man like me. You can easily detect Yes Men by looking at the strength they use to defend their boss' ideas, no m… (read more)