Lately I'm seeing much hype about Edge, the new browser included in Windows 10 and, to be honest, I don't understand it. I'm old enough to have seen and used a number of MS products and many times, behind new names, I've seen the same old story.

For example, few days ago I've used webmail. Honestly I cannot see real differences compared to the old, except for the UI. The impression is that under the hood it runs the old code. There is not a real discontinuity between the two webmails - not enough to justify a re-brand in my opinion. If you want a term of reference, try to compare GMail and Inbox.

Another example is Internet Explorer. For every new release, Microsoft presented it as the state-of-the-art for security and/or performances and/or adherence to standards. If you are a web developer, I don't think I should add further explanations.

For these reasons I feel I am justified to consider Edge just like a new version of IE with a new name and a modified icon.

Please note that I'm happy to change my mind if I see evidences. But, don't ask me to believe to everything Microsoft writes.

Cover image taken from Wikimedia Commons (public domain).