Maybe you have already noticed it in the past few days. Now this blog has a new home. I've decided to leave Google/Blogger to embrace Ghost. This new platform is still under development, so it lacks some of the features that other CMS have. But, to me, this is not a big problem.

What I was looking for was a simpler way of blogging, with a lighter and cleaner interface that I can use from my tablet or even from my low-cost smartphone. Another thing I like is that the editor uses markdown syntax.

I've spent past weeks in importing (thanks to Blogger to Ghost it has been quite straightforward) and slightly adapting the old posts. After that, I've been playing with the theme but the work is still in progress. If you like it, it is here, on my Github page, ready to be forked.

Another thing that I wanted to do, but I've not been able to accomplish yet, is to buy my own domain. The biggest reason I haven't already done is because I've not chosen a domain name (or better, the one I've chosen costs 12,000 $ per year... it's slightly out of my budget).

I addition, I would like to have at least three or four sub-domains and a bunch of email addresses but I don't know whether they can be provided with the simple domain registration or I have to buy also some space. If you have suggestions on this point (or about the theme, or arguments to be treated) please feel free to contact me using the comment form or Twitter or Google+.