When the first edition has been so cool, it's difficult to have a second one at the same level. Well, the guys behind TEDxRoncade have met the expectations. In a new building inside the H-Farm campus, last Saturday, has taken place the second edition of this event.

It has been a great day, full of ideas and enlightening talks. I want to share with you some (among many) of valuable sentences I've heard. I hope that my (poor) English translation has not compromised the power of these words. Enjoy!

Culture is an infrastructure.

We have to learn the innovation, but the innovation is not written in any textbook.

  • Luca De Biase: journalist, writer, blogger, chief innovation editor at Nòva - Il Sole 24 Ore and organizer of the event - @lucadebiase

Technology should not be the goal, but a system enabler.

  • Dianora Bardi: literature teacher, first in Italy to adopt iPads in a classroom - @DianoraBardi

The goal is not bringing digital [technologies] into the school, but bringing the school into the digital era.

The most interesting jobs are those that, when you choose the university, do not yet exist.

Help boys to understand not what they want to do but what they can be.

  • Alessandro Fusacchia: Chief Cabinet Secretary for the Italian Minister of instruction - @fusacchiA

The work has changed but the [Italian] school is the same of the last century.

  • Roger Abravanel: engineer, writer and journalist, former director of McKinsey & Company.

We live in a world of opportunities that has never happened before. And these opportunities are there. And they are for everybody.

Internet economy is something for everybody.

  • Diego Ciulli: public policy manager at Google - @DiegoCiulli

The work almost well done... is not well done!

When you dream alone, it's just a dream. When two persons dream, the reality starts.

  • Vincenzo Moretti: sociologist and writer - @moretti

Digital natives are not digital savants. Our sons needs a guide. Us.

Technology, awareness and education are indissoluble.

  • Stefano Tagliabue: computer scientist and entrepreneur - @Ste_Taglia_89

Research is made becoming artists.

  • Francesco Monico: educator, broadcaster and artist.

The time of the art is unexpected.

To put oneself on the line with the learner is the key to accomplish the teaching process.

Taken from the live tweeting from the official TEDxRoncade twitter account, Luca De Biase, Laura Canto, Fabiana Palu and, of course, me.