In the last months, a high number of security flaws has been reported. Starting from bugs in the management of SSL/TLS protocol (Apple and GNU), continuing with Heartbleed, Shellshock, BadUSB up to POODLE, just few days ago.

So now you may ask: what the hell is happening here? Why are there so many threats in such a short time? Are today developers less skilled than their predecessors?

Well, I simply think that we are looking at the wrong side. Many of the above bugs are there from years and nobody reported them (even if I think that they have been used by someone for illegal purposes).

But lately, there is a great request for security. The reason is simple: the amount of money that every day flows through internet. This is why the attention to security has grown so dramatically and thus the number of bugs being found.

So, what should we expect from next months? In my opinion, even more security flaws will be disclosed. And this is a really good thing.