Blog Content

Someone said that blogs are dead because they have been defeated and overwhelmed by social networks. I believe this is not completely true. I'm not an Internet analyst or a social researcher and what I'm going to say only comes from my everyday experience.

Probably the only blogs that have disappeared in the last years are the ones talking about someone's everyday life. In this case, Facebook and Google+ are surely the winners. But the story ends here.

I'm a Linux developer and many of the resources that I need (documentation, samples, tutorials, troubleshooting, etc.) can be found on blogs. But also for non-technical arguments, such as politic or science, blogs still rock.

For this reason I decided to create this place. I plan to fill it with a lot of computer science, developing tips, and something about my passions.

So, long life to blogs!

The above image has been created with Tagxedo web app with many of the arguments I plan to treat in this blog.