It would be a mistake to consider this page only as an amusement of some funny developers. You may or may not agree with the criticisms about your favorite programming language (and sometimes I don't) but the truth is that the perfect language does not exists.

There are several reasons for this lack. The most important is that each language (or better, each couple language/compiler or language/interpreter) has been made for a specific purpose.

For example, JavaScript developers may considered harmful strong typing of C++, but it's needed to ensure reliability.

Garbage collector can ease developers' work, but it's much less efficient than freeing memory by hand when it's no longer needed.

The epoch when a language was created also influences its characteristics. The increasing power and amount of memory of the average computers have determined the raise of interpreted languages and made the pointers disappear.

Eventually, each new language has tried to keep the best part (or what its creator thought it was the best part) of existing languages and reworked the rest.

The conclusion is that we are surrounded by languages that suck but we are lucky because we can choose the one we think sucks less.

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