Some Thoughts From TEDxRoncade

When the first edition has been so cool, it's difficult to have a second one at the same level. Well, the guys behind TEDxRoncade have met the expectations. In a new building inside the H-Farm campus, last Saturday, has taken place the second edition… (read more)

Algorithms in the Real World

If you are here, I suppose you're familiar with algorithms. Probably your job consists in creating them. What you should know is that every sequence of operations that we accomplish is an algorithm. What students learn in Computer Science classes is… (read more)

TED: Don't Miss It

Last Saturday I've had the pleasure to attend a TED conference: TEDxRoncade. The leading argument was the biodiversity but the interventions have been very various: computer science, technology applied to health care, art, history, psychology, and ob… (read more)

The Puzzle of Motivation

The man in the picture is Dan Pink, a career analyst that uses a scientific approach to investigate the mysteries of motivation. He summarised the results of his researches in this TED talk. We think we know what motivation is, don't we? The truth i… (read more)