0 Errors - 0 Warnings

Are you one of those that don't care about warnings when compiling? Well, if you write Yoda conditions like the following, probably you are: if (2 == foo) At first, it seems reasonable: if you forget one = by mistake, the compiler will stop the bui… (read more)

C++ And goto Don't Match Together

As you can see by reading this blog, I'm a fan of goto when used in an appropriate way. Unfortunately it works for C only - not C++. The issue is all in this short paragraph (6.7/3) of the C++ standard: It is possible to transfer into a block, but… (read more)

Tab War

Some years ago I've downloaded the ebook "C++ Manuale di Stile" (C++ Style Manual) written by Carlo Pescio and in these days I'm reading (again) some of its chapters. One of them is devoted to tabs: [...] in a big project in which I participated,… (read more)

Indentation Matters

Last week my colleague Daniele Veneroni told me: "You chose the wrong timing to write a post about the usefulness of goto. Have you heard what happened to Apple?" To make it short, there was a vulnerability into the validation of SSL/TLS connection… (read more)