Reliability First - Spacecrafts

I bet you've heard that last week, for the first time, a human artifact has landed on a comet (named 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko). The lander Philae and it's companion the space probe Rosetta of the ESA (European Space Agency) have done a long and grea… (read more)

Reliability First - Embedded Systems

A well-designed watchdog This post could end with a single word: watchdog. But designing a good watchdog is a challenging task. A hardware chip that cuts the power supply to the main processor is indispensable to provide real reliability. This chip s… (read more)

Reliability First - Applications

What does reliability mean in computer science? Speaking about an application, how can we say it is reliable? I don't know if there is a shared opinion but mine has maturated after a scary situation. Some years ago, on my previous workplace, we creat… (read more)