The 3 Best Things That Happened To Me As A Programmer

I started to develop professional software more than twenty years ago, during the summertime vacations. I used to work in this small software house where there were really experienced programmers. My only concern at the time was to be productive. So,… (read more)

Quick & Dirty Solutions Can Blow Up In Your Face

Few years ago, I have been asked to create a component to manage a collection of items for an embedded system. The specifications were well written (actually the best I've ever received) and the first release was ready in few months. During the devel… (read more)

How I Estimate

How long will it take to develop a particular project? This is a question that it's never easy to answer. When you start estimating, you have a partial idea of what you have to do and the issues you may find along the way. When it comes to me, I usua… (read more)

Proprietary Communication Protocols

It seems that it is an irresistible attraction for private companies to create their own proprietary protocol. During my working life, I've seen that the most common pattern is "take a well-known protocol and change something". Sometimes new types of… (read more)

Tell Me Why, Not How

In one of his last posts, Seth Godin wrote about implicit anchors that force us to follow specific paths. This might be OK in many cases but... Great editors, great strategy consultants, great friends--they're generous enough and bold enough to una… (read more)

Second Year Of Blogging

With another 52 post published and a provider change in the middle (with archive conversion), I can say that this second year of blogging has been as good as the first one. This year I cannot provide statistics about the number of visitors. I've deci… (read more)

Dear IT Department, I Am Your Customer

Years ago, before getting my current job, I had an interview for an IT position. My job would have been to develop software for the company's internal usage. After the first round with a psychologist, I talked with the IT manager. At the end of the t… (read more)