Horror Code - Who Needs Enumerators?

When I stumbled into this piece of C code, at first, it looked not so bad to me. void foobar(const char *par) { if (!strcmp(par, "FirstString")) { // do something } else if (!strcmp(par, "SecondString")) {… (read more)

Horror Code - Loop And Re-loop

Some time ago, a colleague of mine told me to look at a function. It was something similar to this: void foo(struct bar array[], unsigned int count) { /* some initialization code */ for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {… (read more)

VeryBello Is The New Italia.it

In the beginning (2007) there was Italia.it, a promotional website commissioned by the Italian government. Its main goal should have been attracting foreign tourists. The current version is not so bad, compared to the first one, but there are still s… (read more)

Horror Code - Why?

while (x &gt;= 0) { x--; y--; } I've only a question: why? Image taken from Pixabay licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license.… (read more)