Check For Memory Leaks!

Last week, I've lost at least three hours in understanding and fixing an overcomplicated implementation of a binary tree in the shape of an open source C library. The problem was the amount of allocated space, half of whom never freed: for less than… (read more)

The Day That Killed Groupon Reputation

This Thursday I was looking at the social networks in a moment of rest, when the hashtag #defendGNOME gained my attention. For the ones that are not Linux addicted, GNOME is a famous desktop environment that had several forks (XFCE, Mate, etc.) and i… (read more)

ShellShock: Impact On Average People

In the previous post, I've written about the ShellShock vulnerability in a general way. Now I want to talk about how this vulnerability can impact all the average internet users. So the question is: what can you do to protect yourself when surfing th… (read more)

ShellShock, What I've Understood

Disclaimer: I'm not a security specialist; if you are running a webserver, please consider asking a qualified technician. If last week you have been to Mars, maybe you haven't heard about the new security issue named ShellShock (CVE-2014-6271), claim… (read more)

Authors In The Open Source World

Last week, Seth Godin wrote another great post. This time the argument is the difference between companies and authors. No company would endorse a competitor while writers often suggest books written by others. The implicit message is that culture is… (read more)

Has Open Source Failed?

This week has been pretty embarrassing for GNU/Linux estimators. According to ArsTechnica a bug has been found on the *GnuTLS *library. Basically the authenticity of SSL/TLS certificates was not granted (a similar issue has been found recently on Ap… (read more)