Be Careful With Those Resources

Once, a friend of mine working for a big tech company told me: "I cannot give you the exact numbers but I usually work on a system with thousands of CPU cores and petabytes of storage space". I don't know the amount of RAM but you got the point: ther… (read more)

Another Useful GCC Attribute

This week I came across a strange issue. In a process running on an embedded device, one of the threads, at some point, remained stuck. Since the gdbserver was not immediately available for that particular target, I tried to add some printf() but wit… (read more)

Reliability First - Embedded Systems

A well-designed watchdog This post could end with a single word: watchdog. But designing a good watchdog is a challenging task. A hardware chip that cuts the power supply to the main processor is indispensable to provide real reliability. This chip s… (read more)

ShellShock: Impact On Average People

In the previous post, I've written about the ShellShock vulnerability in a general way. Now I want to talk about how this vulnerability can impact all the average internet users. So the question is: what can you do to protect yourself when surfing th… (read more)

ShellShock, What I've Understood

Disclaimer: I'm not a security specialist; if you are running a webserver, please consider asking a qualified technician. If last week you have been to Mars, maybe you haven't heard about the new security issue named ShellShock (CVE-2014-6271), claim… (read more)