About Creativity: Tolkien Vs Tolstoy

They are great writers. They are known worldwide. They are the authors of two of my favorite books: Lord of the Rings and War and Peace. Those books have many things in common: they have, more or less, the same length they describe several different… (read more)

Quick & Dirty Solutions Can Blow Up In Your Face

Few years ago, I have been asked to create a component to manage a collection of items for an embedded system. The specifications were well written (actually the best I've ever received) and the first release was ready in few months. During the devel… (read more)

How I Estimate

How long will it take to develop a particular project? This is a question that it's never easy to answer. When you start estimating, you have a partial idea of what you have to do and the issues you may find along the way. When it comes to me, I usua… (read more)

Is Agile Evil?

I’ve never applied real agile methodologies in my job, mainly because my company uses a tweaked waterfall process. However I’ve always looked with curiosity to other systems that can make me work better and agile seems to be the most promising one. B… (read more)

The Size Of Allocated Memory

In a comment on Google+ to my previous post The Size Of Strings, my colleague Lee Berg asked: Other than sizeof(), what is the best way to ensure a safe implementation? This is a damn good question because a built-in function to retrieve the size o… (read more)

The Size Of Strings

It's quite common to find pieces of C code like the following: void do_something() { const char foo[] = "This is foo"; ... func(foo, sizeof(foo)); ... } This is perfectly legal in C and, as you can try by yourself, s… (read more)

Are You Experienced Programmers?

Today, my nine year old daughter told me that she is able to do everything with her kick scooter. She mastered it. Even if she uses kick scooters since she was five (that is almost half of her life), I'm sure that it's not true. But I'm also sure she… (read more)