0 Errors - 0 Warnings

Are you one of those that don't care about warnings when compiling? Well, if you write Yoda conditions like the following, probably you are: if (2 == foo) At first, it seems reasonable: if you forget one = by mistake, the compiler will stop the bui… (read more)

C++ And goto Don't Match Together

As you can see by reading this blog, I'm a fan of goto when used in an appropriate way. Unfortunately it works for C only - not C++. The issue is all in this short paragraph (6.7/3) of the C++ standard: It is possible to transfer into a block, but… (read more)

Power and Control

This video is a perfect representation of the Pirelli's slogan "power is nothing without control". You can have the fastest car in the world but if you are not able to manage it, you'll crash. With the development languages it's the same. Some langu… (read more)

Tab War

Some years ago I've downloaded the ebook "C++ Manuale di Stile" (C++ Style Manual) written by Carlo Pescio and in these days I'm reading (again) some of its chapters. One of them is devoted to tabs: [...] in a big project in which I participated,… (read more)