About Creativity: Tolkien Vs Tolstoy

They are great writers. They are known worldwide. They are the authors of two of my favorite books: Lord of the Rings and War and Peace. Those books have many things in common: they have, more or less, the same length they describe several different… (read more)

Battles and Management

Lev Tolstoy in a rare color photo Have you ever read War and Peace by Lev Tolstoy? It's a great book with many stories wrapped up with History. It is based in Russia during the Napoleon era and, of course, it also tells about battles. There is one th… (read more)

Tab War

Some years ago I've downloaded the ebook "C++ Manuale di Stile" (C++ Style Manual) written by Carlo Pescio and in these days I'm reading (again) some of its chapters. One of them is devoted to tabs: [...] in a big project in which I participated,… (read more)