Second Year Of Blogging

With another 52 post published and a provider change in the middle (with archive conversion), I can say that this second year of blogging has been as good as the first one. This year I cannot provide statistics about the number of visitors. I've deci… (read more)

Time For A Change

Maybe you have already noticed it in the past few days. Now this blog has a new home. I've decided to leave Google/Blogger to embrace Ghost. This new platform is still under development, so it lacks some of the features that other CMS have. But, to m… (read more)

Happy 1st Birthday

Today this blog turns one. One year ago, when it started, I was not sure whether it would have survived more than few months. Conversely, with 68 published posts and more than 10.000 pageviews (many of those in the last month), I'm pretty satisfied.… (read more)

Ideas Are Not Enough

Today, Seth Godin in his daily post wrote about something that is essential for me: the importance of going from ideas to implementation. A great architect isn't one who draws good plans. A great architect gets great buildings built. You don't know… (read more)

Long Life To Blogs

Someone said that blogs are dead because they have been defeated and overwhelmed by social networks. I believe this is not completely true. I'm not an Internet analyst or a social researcher and what I'm going to say only comes from my everyday expe… (read more)