FBI Vs Apple: The End?

Eventually the F.B.I. dropped its request to force Apple to create a special version of iOS to unlock the San Bernardino killer's iPhone. Since the beginning, every security researcher said that this would have been useless (and dangerous), while the… (read more)

Everyone Matters

Steve Jobs with the first iPad As early as 2003, a handful of Apple engineers had figured out how to put multitouch technology in a tablet. “The story was that Steve wanted a device that he could use to read e-mail while on the toilet — that was th… (read more)

Indentation Matters

Last week my colleague Daniele Veneroni told me: "You chose the wrong timing to write a post about the usefulness of goto. Have you heard what happened to Apple?" To make it short, there was a vulnerability into the validation of SSL/TLS connection… (read more)