Is Agile Evil?

I’ve never applied real agile methodologies in my job, mainly because my company uses a tweaked waterfall process. However I’ve always looked with curiosity to other systems that can make me work better and agile seems to be the most promising one. B… (read more)

You Need A Bug Tracker

For some years I've worked without the support of any bug tracking system (BT for short) but now it's hard to do without. I think that its standard usage is clear enough, otherwise Wikipedia has a good explanatory page. In this post I want to cover… (read more)

All You Need To Know About Software Development

While I was reading this (long) article, I've felt like all the different pieces of the puzzle in my head go in the right place. This is the most complete and correct description of the software development best and worst practices I've ever read. Mi… (read more)

Cleaning Up the Path in 5 Easy Moves

The idea for this post came during last weekend while I was cleaning my house. In fact, this activity is made by several parts: some are funny (like using the vacuum cleaner while singing "I Want to Break Free"), some other are boring, others are awf… (read more)

Battles and Management

Lev Tolstoy in a rare color photo Have you ever read War and Peace by Lev Tolstoy? It's a great book with many stories wrapped up with History. It is based in Russia during the Napoleon era and, of course, it also tells about battles. There is one th… (read more)

4 Things to Do Before Starting a New Project

This is the situation: the Project Manager has written the specifications, everything is clear and you only have to do the kick start to you team of developers. This point is where you can start to fail. If you let every programmer (that is lazy by d… (read more)