Optimization Heisenbug

Have you ever seen a bug that disappears when you try to debug it? This situation has a name: heisenbug. A special type of heisenbug happened to me at least twice and recently to a colleague of mine. Different Behaviors These were the symptoms: the p… (read more)

[Solved] The Strangest Bug I've Ever Seen

I've spent two hours to find it and two seconds for the fix. There was this gigantic piece of C code to create a report by putting together data from several files. The code seemed to be executed correctly (debug prints showed what should have been p… (read more)

You Need A Bug Tracker

For some years I've worked without the support of any bug tracking system (BT for short) but now it's hard to do without. I think that its standard usage is clear enough, otherwise Wikipedia has a good explanatory page. In this post I want to cover… (read more)

Has Open Source Failed?

This week has been pretty embarrassing for GNU/Linux estimators. According to ArsTechnica a bug has been found on the *GnuTLS *library. Basically the authenticity of SSL/TLS certificates was not granted (a similar issue has been found recently on Ap… (read more)

Indentation Matters

Last week my colleague Daniele Veneroni told me: "You chose the wrong timing to write a post about the usefulness of goto. Have you heard what happened to Apple?" To make it short, there was a vulnerability into the validation of SSL/TLS connection… (read more)